Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disneyland: Day 3

Our final day in Disneyland! this was the day we had planned to do early entrance and hit rides hard with no lines.  But we were already feeling like we'd checked off our big list by then and decided to have a slow morning, eat out and do a low key last day at the park - hitting any rides that Edie loved a second time.
Breakfast at the Hyatt.
Waiting for the shuttle.
First up was the Astro Orbitor.  Edie liked the swoops and slopes of Pirates the night before so Jeff thought she might like a more exciting ride on out last day. Except we all hated it and got off super dizzy. Which then nixed Dumbo as a necessity because it looked dizzy-making as well. Also, it was about a million degrees and it was only like 11am, so waiting in lines that weren't shady suddenly seemed unbearable. So we hit up Main Street and got our silhouettes done at the Silhouette Studio. 

We popped in (no waiting!) to the Tikki Room, which was super fun, walked Sleeping Beauty's castle again, and had lunch in New Orleans Square before heading back to the hotel to wait out the afternoon heat.

After a late afternoon nap at the hotel room, we headed back for the evening parade (again) at Edie's request.  Being Saturday, the park was much more crowded, so we picked up some corn dogs and planted ourselves 45 minutes early for the parade so as to have decent seats again. Edie had only had one corn dog previously (at the Fair with Grandma and Grandpa), but DUDE does that kid love an opportunity to dip things in ketchup. I think she ate as much as we did.

Waiting for the parade to start:

After the parade, we hit up It's a Small World again (also Edie's request) and asked a nice lady in line to take our picture.  I thought it was obvious that we wanted the RIDE in the background, but she apparently thought it would be more artistic to put a bunch of tourists as the backdrop. Oh well.
Our pitch black attempt to take a family self-portrait with the ride in the back:
Waiting in line for Peter Pan (Edie and I agreed this would be a good last ride):
This is a terrible shot, but Katherine joined us for our last evening (and last ride) at Disneyland.  She and Edie rode in one ship together and Jeff and I rode in one together.  Here are Katherine and Edie boarding:
The park started to fill at a rapid rate for the Saturday night fireworks and we ditched plans for a last Dole Whip in favor of getting the hell out of the crowds. A few last shots before saying goodbye to Disneyland:

We slept one last night in the hotel, then headed to LA the next morning for city adventures.


Anonymous said...

My favorite part of day 3 viewing?...seeing Jeff in a t-shirt! How cute was that?!

lindsey. said...

Agreed! Jeff in a t-shirt was rather cute.

Also? I have serious The-Culvers-Went-to-Disneyland-and-We-Didn't envy. I want to go to Disneyland right now.

Also? The Hyatt worked out? What happened to the whole snafu and the trade to Marriott? Glad it worked out!