Friday, September 21, 2012

Yesterday Morning

Taken at our house, around 7am, before driving ourselves to the airport. I think all of it 
makes sense without interpretation except the frantic thing she says at the end when 
she remembers Daisy Duck's name.

We are at the hotel now for a family nap. The girl who "wasn't tired" and just "wanted to go on Snow White" when we said we were leaving after lunch is STILL napping after almost 2 hours.

Pssst: so is Jeff.


Tib said...

I love that you can see her brain working so hard. Very cute, glad the first day is already worthy of a 2 hour nap.

lindsey. said...

LOVE!!! Love, love, love. I love how she says "Disney friends" and the expression on her face when she is trying so hard to remember the "other Donald". And I love it when Jeff says "ok, cool!" and I love the pride you can hear in his voice over his insanely adorable little girl. Have the best time ever. I'm so happy for you guys to be on this trip together. And take a million pictures because I will be so angry if you don't.