Thursday, September 27, 2012


On Sunday we headed into LA and visited the LA Phil building, designed by Frank Gehry. And after agreeing that this building far surprasses the EMP building in Seattle, we moved on to meet Katherine at The Getty.

Heading to the roof garden.

Cool water sculpture in the roof garden.

On the tram up to The Getty.
Mostly we spent our time at The Getty trying to keep Edie from swimming in all the water features.  It was HOT.  I  wanted to swim in them.

Katherine took this one while enjoying a cool bev with Edie.
Looking down on Katherine and Edie enjoying  a snack together in the courtyard. Can you spot them?
Then we headed to Venice Beach where it was super uncool to take a bunch of pictures, but where we saw a large dog wearing a hat and sunglasses and sitting in man's lap on a park bench.  This is also where I bought myself a soft serve ice cream cone and all the ice cream fell off the cone and onto my shirt and skirt. And where a very small dog almost ate Edie's face off. Good times.

Here are Jeff and Edie watching the skateboarders at Venice Beach.

That evening, we headed to Katherine and Kait's apartment to hang out and eat dinner.  
Friends came by and the neighbor's kids hung out and entertained Edie while I caught up with old friends. The older girl playing with Edie painted her face to look like a cat.  With her face painted, she developed an alter ego of some sort in which she required scarves and Karate Kid head ornaments.  Everyone was highly entertained.

Drawing on her legs with the washable oil paints for kids.
Things happening on the roof deck....I'm not sure.
I think I was enjoying my second gin and tonic while this was happening?
I think everyone was surprised by how quickly she went to bed (and without fuss) after this particular show.
We had a slow morning at Katherine's apartment, then brunch in LA before heading to the airport. Edie was a great passenger on the ride home the next day as well.  Edie played with her VReader (a birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa) for most of the ride.

She amused everyone we passed once in Seattle by riding through the entire airport attached to Jeff's wheely bag:

We arrived home around 8:30 on Monday night and Edie asked as we pulled in at home, "Mom, where's Disneyland?"  When we told her "far far away" she replied, "But I miss it." in a sad, sad voice.

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sandralbruton said...

She kills me! Riding on the suitcase?! So many wonderful shots of your felt like I got to go too, well almost!