Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One more sleep

One more sleep until we leave for California. I'm printing directions, confirmations for car rental, charging camera batteries and am knee deep in laundry so I can start packing.

Amy's wedding was this weekend and I"m so glad we booked this trip for the week after because otherwise, Fall would be looking a bit lack-luster after the big party in the woods that was Amy and Dave's wedding. A few weeks ago now, we went to Maggie and Jack's wedding, which was so beautiful and fun. I lived with Maggie for 3 years in college and have known her since we were in middle school.  To see her marry a man that in pretty much every way fits her college fantasy of her dream man is pretty amazing.  And then to stand up next to Amy and watch her and Dave get married just 2 short weeks later (but after 10 years of anticipation) - this has been a pretty awesome end-of-summer season. I think I'd be facing a big let-down now that "wedding season" is over without this trip to look forward to.

Wish us luck and we'll be back next week with the scoop.


sandralbruton said...

Luck, luck, and luck for all 3 of you!!

Laura said...

you 3 and the mouse (mice) have fun...of course i mean minnie and mickey!

cranky rae said...

So glad you guys had fun at the wedding, and so happy for Amy and Dave, too. Can't wait to hear about Disneyland and see pics! Edie's going to freak. out.