Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whipping Cream

She hated it. Like everything else she eats. Sigh.

Also - I'm fully aware of the recent lack of insightful posts here at Jill's Daily. Apologies all around. I'll make it up to you soon.


Betsey said...

Emmi hates green beans and chicken. She cries whenever I try to feed them to her. Seriously, what child chooses cold tofu over nice warm organic chicken!?! And every fruit she eats (her favorites of course) cause horrific diaper rash. So even when there's eating, it's not always great. Maybe Edie is holding out for pizza, Chinese and french fries.

Kathleen said...

Or paella and spanish ham?

lindsey said...

I can't understand this! What is the doctor saying about her food strike? I wish I could offer some thoughtful, helpful, insightful advice. But I've got nothing. Bean is eating me out of house and home.