Sunday, June 6, 2010

Home again

We had a wonderful weekend on Orcas. Before photos and details: a brief shout-out must go to Amy who kindly looked after our first born (Maurice) while we were gone. Thanks Amy!

After driving to the ferry Friday morning in a torrential downpour, we planned a wintry menu; assuming we'd be curled up inside with a fire. But as the ferry left the Anacortes dock, the clouds slowly disappeared and we had nothing but summer sunshine and June-appropriate temperatures (for Seattle) until Sunday morning when the rain returned with a vengence. So while we may have been dining on smoked salmon and corn chowder in 70 degree weather, it was totally worth it to have this view on our walk:
Edie had maybe the best time of her entire life on Saturday. She was allowed to get filthy at the beach, eat sand, pet a dog, be constantly entertained by 4 different adults, and spent much of the day wearing nothing but a onesie while riding on Dad's shoulders.

Friday night, Tikka and Edie watching Beth make chocolate cream pie.
Saturday morning, post shower:
Edie's favorite toy of the weekend was this pair of safety goggles:

I love this picture of Chris entertaining Edie:Breakfast - french toast, bacon and peaches with raspberries. Fewer things have hit the spot like this meal did for me.
Post-breakfast nap, about to be plunked into her pack n play:
The view out back as the temperature warmed up:
The view up front on the deck:
Heading down to the beach:

Left to right - Tikka, Chris, Beth and Jeff holding Edie:

Then we strolled inland a bit:

Later, Jeff and Chris took Tikka and Edie for a walk while Beth and I napped. When I woke up, I realized they'd been gone for a while and wandered down to find them on Shell Island...

Guacamole on the deck during E's afternoon nap:
Somehow the photos drop off at this point, perhaps that glass or two of wine during dinner prep contributed to the cause. I'll leave you with this photo of Edie watching the skylight leak on Sunday morning:

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Mary Anne said...

LOVE the photo essay! You always get such great shots! I also super enjoy Orca posts. It looks like such an awesome place to chillax.