Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Edie,

Today you are 10 months old. We are starting to think about planning your first birthday party. Life seems on fast forward these days and it is SO fun to watch you turn into a person with interests, opinions and things to say.
Your biggest accomplishment this month is probably the fact that you are taking steps on your own sometimes. This business of walking is one that you are approaching without much caution. A few times a day you let go of whatever is supporting you - be it the crib, your Dad's knee, or the wall - and painstakingly take 2-3 steps before abruptly sitting or lurching forward. The balance will come, but for now we are mostly impressed with your fearlessness.

You spend much of your time playing with toys while in a kneel type crouch that Dad calls your soccer team pose.
You'll often then take off in a crawl with the toy still clutched in your hand, frequently with another toy in your mouth, reminding me strongly of the "And That's All I Need" scene from The Jerk where Steve Martin tries to leave his wife but needs to take his ashtray, remote control, ping pong paddle, and a few other acquired items. While playing, you also like to hold toys up to show us and say, "Shazaaa!"
You have also become an active climber this month. You can use a footstool to climb onto the couch, you regularly attempt to climb your Father and me to reach our laps, you like to climb up the stairs by yourself to your room each night for bedtime, and on more than one occasion you have climbed your (or another baby's) stroller until you are sitting in it by yourself. It's gotten so that I can't leave you with any sizeable toys in the crib during my shower for fear that you will use them as a stair to climb out. A purchase of a crib tent will likely be on our list for next month.
I am also pleased to report that you have finally started showing a real interest in solid foods. We had a few false starts these last few months in which I got my hopes up over one jar of carrots happily consumed, or a few bites of apple here and there, but the last week and a half have shown a definite change in your eating habits. You still have no interest in being fed by someone else, but will happily feed yourself blueberry halves until the cows come home. You also enjoy yogurt melts, puffs, Annie's mac and cheese, broccoli, whole grain raisin bread (preferably slathered in cream cheese like your Dad), peach chunks, hummus, turkey meatballs and an assortment of other items. You self feed yourself three meals a day now, and while the quantity consumed isn't massive, the consistency with which you stuff food in your face is very exciting for us after such a long wait.

I don't know if I mentioned it and I can't remember exactly when it happened, but you now have 4 teeth, with your top two teeth the newest and almost entirely grown in. You've developed a terrible habit of grinding these four teeth when focused on something.

You love adult music (you still share a special love of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) but will also stare mesmerized with a frozen grin on your face as I sing The Wheels on the Bus or The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Your verbal skills (as well as your sheer volume) are increasing each month, with imitations of sounds and words being your favored form of conversation. You often make a sort of "psst" noise and then giggle hilariously when I do it back at you; this exchange can be repeated endlessly and you will find it funny every time.
Unfortunately, you've also developed the ability to scream. Sometimes out of nowhere you just let out a scream that's so ear piercing it makes your Dad and I both cringe. On a more positive note, we think you might be trying out one of my favorite phrases, "Taa daa!" which we say a fair amount in our house. This phrase pairs perfectly with your enormous sense of pride in everything you do.

Books have become of major interest to you this month. Whereas in the past you've tolerated me reading to you, you were definitely more interested in eating the pages than hearing a story. Now you take great pride in turning the pages all by yourself and pointing at different things on the page with great intentionality.

You started waving this month. It was particularly cute when you waved at everyone we passed in the Goodwill yesterday. You were in the grocery cart waving to everyone like a princess on a parade float. A princess on a parade float with a runny nose. And the fuzziest head of hair I've ever seen on a baby. The other day someone who thought they were out of my earshot said to her husband, "Did you see that baby's hair?!"
You've had a snotty nose for over a week now, but aside from the charming new ability to blow snot bubbles you seem otherwise unaffected. Your personality remains enthusiastic bordering on frantic, proud, and funny. Your Dad calls you his Charming Caveman. It's okay. He calls me Big Legs Bruton.
love you Bubs,

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