Friday, June 11, 2010

A Playdate with Danny

This photo shoot would have been immeasurably cuter if Edie would just HOLD STILL for more than half a second. She could learn a thing or two from Danny's posing skills. Edie is a total blur in pretty much all of these, but what can I say? The kid knows how to have a good (if slightly manic) time.
I believe this is when Edie ran over to Danny in order to tear out his pacifier. Danny isn't quite as mobile as Edie yet (likely the result of his ... ahem ... girth) so Edie mostly spends their playdates mauling him and taking his toys.
Edie was pretty excited to sit in Danny's tiny chair.

Trying not to let it bother me that Edie is ruining what could have been the cutest picture ever with her constant movement. It's like she's a ghost baby.


SLG 3 - Jessica Gibson said...

um, cutest babies EVER. i hope they get married and produce a danny-edie hybrid.

Kristin said...

I love Edie's shirt.

Tib said...

I second Kristin.... such a cute shirt, totally appropriate.

Lindsey said...

Yes, totally cute shirt. I feel your frustration over Ghost Baby Syndrome. Marina suffers from that from time to time too. :)

Lauren Rainbow said...

Wow, my eyes lit up when I saw this post! They really are quite the pair, and you know that Danny is into being mauled by's how she shows her love for him.

Trish said...

What a cute pair of babies!
Trish Rainbow