Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

You guys. Edie is WALKING. She won't be popping over to the neighbor's for a cup of sugar anytime soon, but... wait... I shouldn't say things like that because this kid knows no limits. Maybe she will! My point is just that for the moment, her max distance travelled is approximate one foot, but YOU GUYS. My child is WALKING. Like taking 2-3 steps by herself to get from one person to the next. It's amazing.

Oh, and our night away from Edie went swimmingly. Edie had a blast and slept through the night for my parents (cue sigh of relief). She ate a few bites of food, screamed with horror when my Mom hula hooped, stepped by herself from Grandma to Great Grandma,
About to let go!

took a bath with their lavender rubber duckie, strolled around the neighb in their pink umbrella stroller in her pjs, and fed Puffs to their dog Toby (and Kona - my brother's dog who happened to be in town as well).

Just about the only thing she didn't do was miss us.

But I missed her. That said, we had a wonderful time as a couple - imagine that! Turns out we still know how to have adult conversation that doesn't all revolve around our baby. We drank wine. We ate tapas. And gelato. Drank sangria. We (okay I) secretly (and not secretly) looked at pictures of Edie on my cell phone. Strolled -sans stroller- the new Bellingham boardwalk. Slept in! It was lovely. And to top it all off, we got to reunite with the Bubs this morning for lunch with my parents
Me and my Dad this morning.

and then dessert with Jeff's family where she stepped from family member to family member at Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Javi's house.

Happy Father's Day Beaner. Thanks for going to Target on your special day to buy more diapers which I let us run out of. Love you.

Playing her drum with Dad this morning.


Betsey said...

Woo-Hoo! Way to go Edie! Does she seem older, like light years older, now that she is walking? Man, I cried like crazy when Emmi crawled, I don't even think I want to be around myself when she walks! Once again, your baby has some mad skills. Congrats!

cranky rae said...

Walking already!?! I thought kids didn't do that until they were like two or something. Man, I need to see Edie bad. Next week!

lindsey said...

OMG EDIE BEE! That girl doesn't waste any time. She is clearly bursting with ambition and talent, just like her mama. Does she do a little dance and sing "I got it from my mama"?