Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flip Wednesday

We can't keep the rocking chair in her room anymore.

I've been playing Peek-a-boo with Edie using a dish towel for ages, yesterday she figured out how to play it back.



Tib said...

I totally needed a good giggle. thanks for posting. You got yerselves a monkey! Speaking from experience, "Good Luck with that!"

Kathleen said...

Sneaky sneaker! Love the mad rocking.

Amy Ware said...

I love the little song she is singing in the first video and how she responds to you when you ask her what she is doing. And the violent rocking is awesome.

lindsey said...

That girl makes me laugh. She is so cute! (Yes, I am aware that I say that nearly every time I comment, but it is true. She's just such a cute little thing!)

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Her bed could be the next object she climbs. Good luck with that!