Friday, October 16, 2009

Slide Show

Lately, Edie has been making frequent, valiant attempts to hold her own noggin up:

I borrowed a "Hot Sling" from another Mom at First Weeks to see if I liked slings. I loved how low profile this one was, but without any adjustable features, it was just too long for me. After wearing it for 15 minutes, Edie was drooping around my knees and the shoulder would be slipping off. Instead, I bought a ring sling at the suggestion of my sling expert friend, Erianna (hi E!). Here's my little koala bear snoozing in the Hot Sling (I may have pulled her head out a bit for the photo, she wasn't really this smushed up in there, but it was so cute to have her little monkey arm dangling out!):

It's hard to get a photo of us doing her favorite thing without it being a bit blurry. I can't stop bouncing long enough to get a picture without her losing it:
Edie often passes out after hanging out on the The Boob. Her food coma face cracks me up. My little mouth breather:I love the dramatic stretch routine that she does when waking from a nap:


Erianna said...

Looking forward to your pictures in the ring sling (what did ya get??)...and we always called the food-coma face "milky face" cause it usually involved some of the good stuff dripping down a cheek or his chin :)

Tib said...

thanks for sharing.... it makes my heart smile!

Betsey said...

Dramatic stretching post nap is the best! Loving the photos - she's just too cute!