Sunday, October 18, 2009

7 Weeks

I had my 6 week post partum check-up on Friday and was reminded of how much I love my OB. She asked me how I was doing and I told her I was actually doing really well. I said, "I think I'm better at being a Mom than I was at being pregnant." She knows better than most how crappy I was at being pregnant. She laughed and responded by telling me that was a good thing, because I was going to spend a hell of a lot more time being a Mom in this life than being pregnant.

I really have come to a peaceful place with Edie lately. She still fusses and it seems like she's just going to be one of those babies that likes to be held and entertained 90% of the time, but we're falling into a routine around here that works for us. Jeff is great and allows me to get out of the house sans baby at least once a week to spend time doing adult activities. Last night, Heidi and I went for sushi (my first taste of raw fish in many moons), walked around UVillage while eating cupcakes and then came home to find Jeff managing just fine with The Grumpster (as I've taken to calling her in the evenings). I feel lucky to be able to be a full time Mom right now AND still enjoy my friends and personal time. It feels like I'm still me, but a me with more responsibilities. And more joy. And strength. Because boy is it corny, but I really have found my strength through this experience. I still look at her sometimes and marvel at the fact that I MADE her. I remind her regularly that I pushed for quite some time to bring her into this world and every time I say it I will confess that I'm newly impressed by my accomplishment.

Today, Edie is 7 weeks old. The time really has flown by; I can't believe that I'll probably be headed back to work in 9 more weeks - my leave is almost half over already! Edie celebrated her 7 week birthday by sleeping 7 and a half hours straight last night. It was pretty awesome. I have no expectation that it's a pattern, but a Mom can hope, right? In the last week, she's slept at least 5 hours solid before waking for her night time feed, but last night was a new record. Right now she's having a relaxing music session with Dad in the nursery. Is it creepy that we're using Leonard Cohen for lullaby music?

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Betsey said...

Any lullaby music that works is great! I hadn't thought of Leonard Cohen, I should put some of that on, I'm getting sick of the same three cds right now. And I plan on Emmi listening to our music as she grows, I have a hard time stomaching most of the kiddie music out there.

So glad to hear of the restful night - way to go Edie!