Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Camera is Surgically Attached to Jeff's Hand

I'm pretty sure all new parents take this many pictures of their kids, right? It seems a little excessive, but we can't stop ourselves. At least 20 times a day, I yell to Jeff, "Can you bring the camera in here real quick? She's being super cute!" And at least once a day I catch Jeff having an elaborate photo shoot with Edie that wasn't motivated by me.

Edie, sporting some PJs purchased by Aunt Katherine in LA. They're a little too big still- when I woke up in the morning and took her swaddle off, her pants were around her ankles, but the tiny bear on each foot were too cute to wait any longer:

My Mom came down last Thursday afternoon to give me a break and let me run some errands:

Is there anything better than a sleepy, mouth breathing baby snoozing on your chest?
Eeds sleeping her Baby Balboa:
Lounging it up this weekend in her sleep suit (I can't figure out how to rotate the last two pictures, but I bet Jeff will look at this later tonight and be outraged at my lack of skills - in fact if you come back, I bet he'll have logged in and reposted them correctly) :

This hat was so over priced it was retarded, but every time I put it on her I feel a swell of joy so great that I would have paid twice as much if I had to:
I have SO many more pictures to post, but will divide it up and post some tomorrow so as not to overwhelm you. Stay tuned for pictures of our trip to the Ballard Farmers Market, our visit from both(!) Grandmas yesterday and two adorable Jeff-style photo shoots.


Mary Anne said...

Loving the close-up and the sling pattern!! And of course, the over-priced hat!! She's growing up so fast! Keep the pix comin!

cranky rae said...

Man, she's really starting to look like you guys! I can see both of you in her little face. Totes cute.

Kathleen said...

More please!
One can never have too much Edie Bee. We are already anxiously awaiting our next visit.

Erianna said...

oh, love the sleepy mouth breathing baby! I still sniff A's breath when he's sleeping...though a toddler's is certainly not *quite* as sweet. Looking forward to more picture overload since we don't get the in-person Edie Experience right now :(