Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Photos

You may recall that two weeks ago, we tried to take a family outing to the Sunday Ballard Market on a Saturday? You may also recall that my inability to determine what day it was wasn't the only barrier to a successful outing. Well, Jeff was apparently feeling brave because he suggested a "take two" of sorts last Sunday and we tried again. This time with much more success. She fussed for a few minutes when being strapped into the Ergo, but settled down long enough for us to walk the stalls, mill around the shops and purchase a loaf of bread from Great Harvest. A pic of Edie and me at the market:
Hilarious photo shoot in which Jeff propped Edie up in our bed like a grown up:
She looks SO much like baby pictures of Jeff in this picture:
Big yawn:
No comment.
Bopping slash sleeping on the yoga ball with Gramma C:Sleeping on her changing table (for some reason this space has good juju and she always relaxes here):
Smiles on her changing table:

Hanging out with Dad (seriously, kills me):


Tib said...

Jus' so durn cute!

Betsey said...

I LOVE the photo of Edie yawning in bed - priceless!

Kathleen said...

You're right! That one photo looks just like Jeff as a baby. Triangle head. And I say that in the best way. See how nicely he turned out? She's such a charmer. Oh yes - and you look great in the Ballard photo. Cutie baby and great hair. :) xoxo

Erianna said...

oh, love all the photos! why do little babies like changing pads so much? A used to crash out and I'd let him sleep there!