Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Edie is currently taking a nap in her crib!!!! This has NEVER happened and is very exciting. I don't know how to work the baby monitor and Jeff isn't here so I'm hopping in there every 5 minutes (despite the fact that our house is tiny and I could hear her cry from any room AND there's nothing in the crib with her - paranoid much?) and every time I pop in I'm newly impressed that she's still sleeping.

I started going to a PEPS moms group last week. PEPS stands for something like Program for Early Parents Support and is run by an organization that pairs you with other new Moms in your neighborhood; you meet weekly for 2 hours and rotate hosting in your home. The group is led by an experienced Mom without a newborn and despite my initial reaction to the first meeting, I've decided to keep going. Truthfully, I was hesitant to commit when the leader told us we'd have to sing as a group every week. For serious? Singing in front of others is my worst nightmare. But it's only one song each week and I got the distinct impression that our leader kind of sort of hates singing as a group too, but is forced to by the organization. This made me feel a bit better. And in the end, it was nice to meet new people and have a group that meets in the neighb weekly. Plus I still haven't paid the membership fee and no one seems to notice. Every meeting has a specific topic and today's topic was sleep. I've been wanting to try breaking Edie into her crib for ages, but the sleep convo today motivated me to try it just now when she passed out in my arms. This is probably the first nap she's ever had where she wasn't either sleeping on a person or during a car ride.

Just a second, must pop back in to make sure child is still breathing.......

STILL SLEEPING! So pumped. I figure if she gets used to having positive sleep experiences in the crib during the day, the transition to sleeping in her own room during the night will be easier.

And PS to those who kindly commented on my sad sack posts of late - Edie didn't freak out last night AND fell asleep unaided AND slept 7 hours straight. Light at the end of the tunnel, I see you...


Lindsey said...

That's awesome! Go Edie. I really need to try to get Marina napping in her crib during the day.

I love all these groups you are a part of. I need to get out there but I am really an anti-social hermit who would rather stay home.

marion said...

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