Friday, October 2, 2009

On Being Late

This last week or two, I've made an effort to schedule some sort of activity for Edie and I during the day, every day. We haven't really graduated to more than one activity per day, but I find that having one big outing keeps me from feeling stir crazy in the house and also seems to stimulate Edie.

This Monday, we had our pediatrician's appointment and then I took Edie in her Ergo to University Village for some shopping and lunch. I can't remember what we did on Tuesday, but I'm sure it was awesome. Every Wednesday we have First Weeks for 2 hours, and yesterday we went to the Mom's matinee in Bellevue where we saw Love Happens. Today, I went to a breastfeeding group meeting (for women to meet with a lactation expert and problem solve) with the Eedster where she proceeded to poop immediately upon arrival and then pee all over her clothes while I was in the process of trying to put a new diaper on her. After the group, my new friend from the class and I grabbed lunch with our daughters.

For all of these activities my biggest struggle is just getting out of the house. Getting the diaper bag clean, making sure I have bottles and a clean change of clothes for her, finding my cell phone and getting her in the car seat, not to mention making sure that the stroller is in the trunk. All of these things take FOREVER. Yesterday morning I had to get out the door in time to make it to the movie, which started at 10am. This was a Herculean feat. I used to pride myself on getting everywhere on time. I strapped Edie into her car seat at a little after 9am - everything was going pretty well. Then she decided she was starving. And when baby wants a snack, baby gets a snack. And actually, snack is the wrong word because Edie doesn't believe in them. She likes an appetizer, entree, pallet cleanser and dessert. She's a classy lady and she likes a leisurely meal. I started stressing out at the idea of being late, but when I finally got to the ticket booth, the Mom I was meeting was just getting there too and there were at least 10 other strollers in line behind me. Turns out being a Mom = being late.

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Tib said...

because now you don't only have to manage yourself, but the million things that go along with them... and it is curious how they are so small and need so much just to leave the house.