Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Into the Sling of Things

I had planned to pair this post with a few pictures of me wearing Edie in a sling, but Jeff hasn't uploaded them, so that will just have to wait.

At the risk of turning into one of those happy, sappy mom-bloggers, might I just say that life this very moment is pretty nice? Edie is snug in the bed next to me and Maurice is snoozing on my lap. Both are snoring gently in our cozy bedroom and it's rainy and windy outside.

On Monday night Edie slept 5 and a half hours consecutively! It was very exciting. Not only that, but she also fell back asleep after that and dozed off and on until 11am. It was pretty great. Then we had a snuggly day of walks in the rain (with my giant golf umbrella) and bouncing on the yoga ball while watching Oprah. At 7, the girls came over and bopped Edie for me while my arms got a rest and my brain got some adult stimulation (the best kind I might add - gossiping about vacation make-outs, dating, pregnancy talk - which reminds me!! Have I mentioned that Darrah is almost 15 weeks pregnant?! SO exciting.).

THEN, last night Edie slept for 6 and half hours straight! I instinctively woke at the usual feeding time of 3:30am, but she was still sleeping soundly. At 5am, when she was still asleep, I gently poked her to make sure she was still alive. She wiggled so I went back to sleep. She didn't wake until 6:30am and then as an added bonus nodded back off after eating and is still sleeping as I type. It's amazing what a difference some extra sleep does to your outlook.

Oh and also, I weighed Edie in at First Weeks today and she's a whopping 10.5 pounds! Chunky monkey alert.

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Kristin said...

I think I remember someone at g's night giving Edie a lecture on how she was supposed to start sleeping through the night...maybe she was paying attention.