Sunday, August 9, 2009

Daily Note: August 9, 2009

Jeff is almost finished with the bookshelves and living room/kitchen wall! All that's left is to put the drawers in the two outside cavities (each rectangle is a slot just waiting for a drawer), but everything else is done and I couldn't be more impressed.

Can you see those beautiful columns that Jeff built around the support beams?
And then we put our piles and piles of books into the shelves:

Last night, he touched up the paint around the upper cut-out and today, we've been cleaning up and purging piles of stuff from the house and hanging art. Stay tuned later this week for an even better photo shoot once we've got the whole wall a bit more polished.

While Jeff has been doing all this work, this is what Maurice and I have been working hard at:
Consider this my week 36 shot if you'd like, I think it was just taken yesterday. We'll see if a formal one gets taken tonight or not.

For serious though, I've been doing a fair amount of lazing, but I've also baked 2 giant casseroles for the freezer that each weigh about 10 pounds, cleaning obsessively, and thinking really hard about all the other shit I desperately need to get done. Lists abound.


Tib said...

Tell yo man he did a faboo job on those shelves.

cranky rae said...

Wow -- looks fab. Color me impressed. Who knew Jeff was such a Renaissance Man?