Monday, August 3, 2009

Daily Note: August 3, 2009 - photos

Some photos to go along with my last few posts. First up are some pictures of me and Maurice, trying to beat the heat last week. Me soaking my feet in the tub filled with ice water (and yes that's a giant tub of Tums next to me on the counter):

Maurice, sporting a cold, wet cape made out of a dish towel:

Me on the day of our A/C installation:

My Aunt Laura threw me a lovely baby shower on Friday in Bellingham.

Me with sister-in-law Kathleen and aunt-in-law Wendy at the shower:

My cousin and Aunt serving giant wedges of quiche and salad made from her garden:

I swear there were better pictures taken at the shower (like of me with my whole family), but I think they might be on my Aunt's camera. Post baby-shower, we got to see the beautiful house Kathleen and Javi (sister and brother-in-law) just purchased in Bellingham:

The sunset from the ferry to Orcas on Friday night:

My dirty and bearded husband on Orcas:

Our lunch at Rose's on Orcas. I had a BLT and Jeff had a salami and provolone sandwich:

Pistachio and hazelnut gelato in Eastsound:

This Mother deer and her tiny baby were practically eating the green beans out of my hand on the back porch of the cabin (in fact they probably would have if I didn't have a deep seated fear of animals biting my fingers after watching a horse chomp on someone's fingers instead of the carrot they were holding as a child):

And lastly, this picture of me hiding a basketball under my dress. Photo taken at 35weeks and 5 days. Enjoy it, because I'm getting just enormous enough that I might not want to post more pics like this in the future:

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Tib said...

What a lovely story your pictures told, thanks for sharing. I laughed out loud at several, but I will not revel which, maybe when chatting.
It looks like you got some relief from the heat. I've been known to stand in front of my living room A/C a few times in recent weeks.
Only a few more weeks, and then voila you'll have a little bean!
It's all good~