Friday, August 21, 2009

Daily Note: August 21, 2009

A quick update on my doctor's appointment today:

My doctor first informed me that my Strep B test (which I mentioned last week) came back negative, so this is good news. No IV antibiotics during labor needed. Then she expressed some serious concern over my hip pain. I'm still not walking without intense pain and she said it's likely to get worse over the next week or two. It's also concerning me that I haven't taken a walk in 7 days and as a result might struggle with motivating labor that way. She suggested that while doing my cervical exam that she could do a little "stirring things up" to get things progressing down there. She said that about 50% of the time, this will put the woman into labor within the next 3 days. It's funny how during the last few days I keep talking about being ready to be "done" but when the reality of her suggestion hit me, I have to confess I hesitated for a minute. The prospect of going into labor this weekend is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying.

She checked me and pronounced that I was a generous 2 centimeters dilated and had gone from 0% to 50% effaced since last week. That said, she said I still wasn't likely to go into labor on my own this weekend so she commenced "stirring". And wow. While she did God knows what down there, she yelled semi-sarcastically, "Think about Hawaii! You're on the beach! Think about Hawaii!!" Except I knew damn well I wasn't in Hawaii because DUDE, Hawaii is fun. And what she was doing down there? NOT fun. I did some hardcore breathing and made it through about 30 seconds of this painful motivational process and then it was over.

She said if I wasn't having any contractions by early next week to call and we could repeat that really fun process. For now, I'm super crampy and seem to be having some mildish contractions, but I keep waiting for one that makes me think, "Holy Shit, this is it!" Until that thought crosses my mind I figure this isn't it. SO. There you have it.

We are currently packing the long overdue hospital bag and wondering whether this is going to be a false alarm. Before my appointment today, I had scheduled an expensive maternity massage for tomorrow morning. I'm thinking I'll keep the appointment despite the prospect of impending labor. Maybe by keeping the appointment, I'll guarantee that I go into labor while getting rubbed. Sort of like how if you take an umbrella on a trip, it won't rain. Did that make any sense?


Betsey said...

My neighbor and I just finished a conversation about this "stirring things up." She had it done 3 times and said it was incredibly uncomfortable and rather painful. Sorry to hear you have to endure this, but maybe it will do the job and beat some hip pain by an early delivery!

Tib said...

I can totally appreciate how you are so "done"; but then given the option to get things rolling it made you pause. When I was pregnant with Huntyr towards the end I was SO DONE... until they said we have to induce and we'll start tomorrow... I was stunned, and all of a sudden I wasn't done, I didn't want to let go yet.. but alas... I did, they induced and she was early. Seems like those scenarios still play out... just when I think I a over her being a kid, and can't wait to grow up, I catch her being all grown up and I wish she were still a little kid...

I am thinking good thoughts for you no matter when it starts happening. Breathing is good, and drink lots of water.