Friday, August 14, 2009

Daily Note: August 14, 2009

Well, I had kind of a different night last night. After my exam yesterday, I felt a little crampier than normal but nothing serious or regular. More just a low, achy feeling that would come and go. I didn't mind so much, assuming it was a little bit from the exam and hoping that it could also mean further progress in the dilation department. But towards the end of the workday, my hip pain intensified and I started feeling a little queasy on top of the cramps. I headed home, we ate an early dinner and I immediately headed for the bath.

The weather in Seattle went from over 100 degrees to some pretty solid November-like weather last week and I am NOT complaining. The cold air and rain are most welcome. In fact, they've helped me discover an old friend - the warm bath. Early in my pregnancy I avoided baths despite my doctor saying they were fine. But this last week, the hip pain and general discomfort of being pregnant lead me to try it. It really is a nice reprieve and can help to make me feel relaxed enough to fall asleep. I've taken one almost every night this last week. Maybe I just hit the bath too early last night? The plan was to get out, maybe feel a little better as a result and then pack our hospital bag. But I got out of that bath and felt like a queasy, crampy, wet noodle. I was really tired, but was having trouble breathing when I laid down on my side, so Jeff sort of propped me up on the couch in my giant bathrobe and I think I just sat there staring into space for like an hour or two? Jeff headed out for drinks with a friend and I mumbled after him as he left, "Make sure to keep your phone on." and I think we both had a moment where we realized we've entered a new phase. The phase where "the phone call" could really happen at any time. While he was gone, I had some Braxton Hicks contractions, and would occasionally feel a weird shooting type pain down where I used to get ligament pains. It didn't feel serious or particularly painful, so I knew it wasn't actual labor, but it was certainly different.

Today I feel fine so far. And by fine I mean that my hands and feet are so puffy that I feel like I'm wearing clown shoes and those giant foam fingers that they pass out at sports games, and that I'm tired and ungainly.


Mary Anne said...

You're getting so close!!! So exciting!!!

Betsey said...

Those pains that remind you of the round ligament - contractions, good ol' real ones. That's what I was experiencing last week and earlier this week and couldn't figure out what it was. I was surprised to find out that most of the contractions are felt low down (I kept thinking they would be more like the Braxton Hicks in the front). Geesh - you're sounding like you've got more progress on me! Isn't the phone call stage a strange one to enter? We were just talking about that tonight.