Monday, March 30, 2009

Daily Note: March 30, 2009

What was that? Oh! You want to know what I was doing on Saturday (aka the day of my birth)? Funny you should ask.

I was enjoying a luxurious prenatal massage, a ridiculous spa shower in a room the size of my kitchen, a European facial, and a manicure and pedicure combo while seated in a heated reclined chair. All compliments of my wonderful friends. Thank you, wonderful friends.

I was dropped off at the spa with a “deluxe snack pack” in hand (personally assembled by Kristin) so that I could enjoy my afternoon at the spa without sacrificing my all-important snacking schedule. While I was at the spa my friends checked us all into a hotel suite downtown that put my house to shame. The hotel “room” was literally the size of my house and included a fireplace living room, office, 3 bathrooms, 3 plasma TVs, a bar and dining room area. FOR SERIOUS. Sometimes having friends in the hotel business has its bennies. This was one of those times. So we lounged around, ordered some crab mac and cheese(!) from room service to snack on, and got ready for dinner. Thankfully, dinner was a casual enough affair to allow me to wear maternity jeans (officially the nicest thing I own now). Then we went out for dinner at Purple where Jeff, Maggie and all the other significant others joined us. After dinner, we headed back to our pad at the hotel where some of my old roommates joined us for sparkling cider and champagne, Dahlia Lounge coconut cream pie, and a lemon tart (my two favorite desserts of all time). We then kissed the boys goodbye and the girls had a slumber party at the hotel. At the slumber party, I was able to wear my new robe given to me that afternoon as part of my gift. This robe is softer than any bunny you have ever touched. I’m serious. It’s like when I put it on, I BECOME a bunny. I also become kind of creepy, because I mostly just stare into the distance and run my hands up and down my legs to feel the softness of the robe. And even though I was the first to fall asleep, as Heidi promised, no one froze my bra. Best day ever. Best friends ever.

Jeff and I will be celebrating my birthday on April 11th. We’re staying at the same fancy hotel (just the two of us this time) downtown and he’s taking me out to eat at my favorite – Boat Street CafĂ©. We hope this will serve as a dual celebration – my birthday and good news at our April 6th ultrasound. Yes, you read that correctly folks. It is only 6 days until we find out if Bart is really a Bart, or could he be … Bernice? And no, these aren’t really names that we’re considering, but they’re funny, right? I’m so excited and nervous; it’s like when I was 5 and knew we were going to Disneyland. It’s good that I have this to look forward to, because I must say that pregnancy has not been treating me so awesome lately. First, I’m still queasy most of the time. Second, my hips hurt so bad I feel that I’m preparing to birth a baby whale and not a baby human. Trying to sleep on my side is an exercise in torture. Last night, Jeff helped me rig an assortment of pillows that allowed some pain relief, but left me sleeping about a foot higher up than him so that my hip and shoulder could dangle between pillows, simulating the prenatal massage set-up I’d experienced the day before. Jeff was kind enough to only laugh for a minute while helping set this up.

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Lindsey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so happy you had such a fantastic celebration.

OMG. I have the hips of an 86 year old lady lately. I have an awful time trying to get comfy at night. I feel your pain...literally.

Can't wait for your 4/6 appointment! It is going to be so exciting. I wish they did not make us wait until 20 weeks for the big appointment down here.