Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daily Note: March 17, 2009

I don’t have much of import to share, so I thought I’d write a post about food. Food occupies much of my thinking time these days (truthfully, it kind of always did) so it seems fitting to write about it. Sadly, my nausea is still hanging around, although at a much lower level, but my appetite has most definitely returned in full force. Primarily I just want to share some of my most recent food indulgences:

1. I’m really into Samoa Girl Scout cookies these days. I know everyone has a bone for the Thin Mints, but I’m not interested. I’d have to eat at least a tube of those airy, minty puffs to feel any kind of satisfaction. I also made homemade chocolate chip cookies over the weekend and have turned my nose up at them in favor of the artificial Samoas.

2. BLTs. I think I’m supposed to be cutting back on sodium nitrate, but COME ON! BLTs are so delicious! I haven’t been eating lunch meat, haven’t touched a hot dog, and avoid most sausage products unless I know they’re au natural. But Louisa’s Bakery about 1/2 a mile from my office makes the most delicious wheat bread, uses the perfect amount of mayo, slices the ideal tomato and loads the sammy with crispy, buttery bacon. I justify this splurge by walking the mile roundtrip and I limit the indulgence to a once weekly event. Today was that day.

3. On Saturday, I took myself shopping for some new elastic waist pants and stopped in at one of my favorite downtown watering holes. I know this is unoriginal, but I heart the Nordstrom Café on the 3rd floor sooo much. Everything they make is so good, but their entrée salads are particularly winning. While I was sad not to order my usual pear and blue cheese salad, I was amazed by how delicious the salmon nicoise salad was. The salmon was buttery and warm, served on top of mixed greens tossed with green beans, warm potato cubes, olives, hard boiled egg, tomatoes and capers. I sat by myself and ate the entire thing. Since then, I’ve had salmon every day. Last night I actually had to take myself out for a weird, solo dinner at The Ram at Northgate so that I could have salmon and mashed potatoes for dinner. In my defense, it was the closest place with free parking that I could think of that would probably have grilled salmon AND mashed potatoes. My only regret was not ordering it to-go and taking it home to eat in my sweat pants.

4. Nancy’s plain, whole milk yogurt with defrosted frozen berries and grape nuts. This has been my breakfast every day for the last 3 weeks and I’m not sick of it yet. Sometimes I even eat it again after dinner.

5. A little shameful – but I have a passionate, on-again-off-again love affair with Doritos. I tend to crave them, over indulge on them, then feel totally sick and repulsed by the whole experience. A week later, I come crawling back though.

6. Pad Thai with fried tofu or prawns. I’ve had this for lunch or dinner at least once a week for the last month. The versions from Royal Palm and Bai Pai are particularly tasty. I’ve always loved Thai food, but something about the salty, tangy goodness of Pad Thai has been calling my name lately.

7. I haven’t been able to satisfy this craving yet, but every once in a while I would kill for a sushi dinner. Although it would be sad to pass on the spicy tuna, I think I could be totally satisfied with the spider, California, and tempura rolls.

So. What are you pigging out on these days? And seriously, if any of these items sound tempting to you and you live in Seattle, call me and we’ll go for dinner. My treat. I’m tired of weird, solo meals while Jeff works late and am totally willing to pay for companionship.


Maree said...

I'd totally take you up on that _ if I didn't live in New Zealand. :)
I'm glad your appetite is coming back _ when I was pregnant, I didn't really get sick, but boy, did I get hungry!!!!
I *heart* chocolate pretzels, when I can get them.
Sweet and salty all at once _ can't beat that.

T. Griffin said...

Dude...I'm in the next time you go to Louisa's. I live for BLT... actually I just live for the B and T, but I'll tolerate the L.

Mary Anne said...

I'm also in for a BLT. Except I usually substitute spinach for lettuce making mine a BST, but equally delicious. Now that I think about tho, I also enjoy salmon, mashed potatoes, and pad thai...so when I'm in town we'll just get whichever you have the biggest craving for.

Heidi said...

I LOVE that you had a weird, solo dinner at the Northgate Ram. Wish I had been a fly on that wall. PS - I'd take you up on Ram salmon any night.

heidio said...

jill. you know i love cafe nordstrom. its sort of "our" place. I will totally go shop for stretchy pants and eat lunch with you. Seriously. Sunday?

Kristin said...

Just a few points:

1. I don't think the national Girl Scouts organization will appreciate your description of people as "having a bone" for Thin Mints.

2. Don't ever let me catch you referring to a sandwich as a "sammy" again.

3. See you in a couple hours at the Broiler!

Lindsey said...

I love this post. And I am craving a BLT now - thanks for that. I have not had so many cravings lately. I had some early on. Basically I just like to eat. I am always thinking about my next meal. Which, speaking of, it is about time for. Would love to curl up in some sweats and snack with you while we discuss Bart and Bheny. I'll bring the Doritos.

Anonymous said...

stop with the grape nuts and replace with a crunchy flake asap! trust me on this. xo