Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daily Note: March 3, 2009

Jeff and I have a history of ensconcing ourselves in TV shows on DVD. There's a whole period of last year where my social life disappeared because all we did was watch episode after episode every night of Lost. Ditto Arrested Development a couple years ago. Currently, we are addicted to renting episodes of Entourage. We go through entire discs in one night.

Everyone suggested Mad Men but we just couldn't get into it. Yes, the costumes were cool and the period-ness of the whole thing is a good concept, but once you get over that (like 5 minutes in) I was bored and disliked all the characters. We felt like we were being slapped in the face over and over with "Look at how everyone smoked in the '50s!" and then "Look at how terribly women were treated in the '50s!" After a while I was all, "Yeah, yeah, I get it! Do you have anything else for me?" Apologies to everyone who said we'd love this, because there were many of you.

Entourage however, is so highly entertaining to me. I love Ari's temper tantrums and Eric's love affairs and when Turtle says things about Drama like, "He mostly just stands around trying not to look retarded." It seems like such a dude show, but I heart it.


T. Griffin said...

sometimes I am scared by how similar we are...even though we are absolutly NOTHING alike (I mean that in a good way, by the way).

We will have an off line discussion about my love of Ari. I think this might be a family blog (and if it wasn't, it is now). I will try not to get too excited though and throw the chair about.

cranky rae said...

I am deeply disappointed by your Mad Men comments because I think it's such a great show, but whatever. I'm really glad we can agree about Entourage, because dude, I *LOVE* that show. It literally fills me with glee. The first time I saw it, I thought it was lame, but then I realized how dead wrong I was. Ari is the best thing ever.