Monday, March 23, 2009

Daily Note: March 23, 2009

Guess who finally took our pictures from last month off the camera and put them onto the computer? My husband! The result is a weird hodge podge of a post. With pictures.

First, a belated welcome to Spring, compliments of my front walk. These crocus (crocuses? croci?) all bloomed last week but have since been blown to bits by all the rain, wind and freezing temperatures. But they were pretty while they lasted, yes?

Next, a series of photos that crack me up. I will explain the reason for each giggle fit below each photo.

This is Maurice. In our bed. Tucked in. Like a person. I walked into the bedroom the other day to find Jeff laughing quietly to himself, while tucking Maurice into the bed. The sight of my weird husband tucking in my weird cat combined with the funny proportion of the cat's tiny head and our giant bed made me run for the camera. Of course as soon as I tried to take a picture, he flipped out and tried to escape what he was previously treating as a his own private cloud bed. Also, I think the weird combo of patterns on our bed right now is funny. It's a mixture of ALL our blankets because that happened to be a freezing cold week that required reinforcements. Result? Toile, plaid circa 1997, and nautical stripes.

Okay, so not everything about this photo is funny. But seriously, what am I looking at in this picture? My line of vision is weirdly high. Am I striking a noble pose? It's unclear. My only explanation is that every time Jeff and I try to take a "belly picture" it ends in curse words, hysterical laughing and a faux wrestling match while I screech, "OUCH - my boobs!!!" and/or, "It's horrible -delete that picture!!!" Strangely, I have a history of enjoying being photographed, but usually only if I'm making a dorky face. So every time I try to smile "normal", Jeff laughs at me, which totally eggs me on and causes me to unintentionally (or sometimes intentionally as you will see below) ham it up. Another reason this photo is funny? Those circular frames have been hanging in our hallway for at least 4 months with no photos in them. My friend Kristin came over once and looked at them very seriously and said to Jeff, "I really like the choices you've made here, the Thomas O'Brien Target logo is particular evocative." Or something equally snarky. Jeff's response was a deadpan, "Yes, that was my thinking as well."
In all seriousness, this photo (and the one below) were taken 8 days ago, when I was nearing the end of week 15. We'd just gone to the Lion King with my entire familia where my "belly" was apparently not big enough to warrant a cut in the mile long bathroom line. It did however justify a plate the size of my head filled with salmon and mashed potatoes post-play. The whole fam, including grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, and significant others went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner after the show and -- holy large portions Batman!


cranky rae said...

I think I already told you once, but I'll say it again so you have it on record: totally cute. Louis and Louise look great on you.

Lindsey said...

You make for such a cute pregnant lady! I hope the belly pics will become a routine portion of Jill's Daily Note.