Friday, March 27, 2009

Daily Note: March 27, 2009

Um. Tomorrow's my 30th birthday. I'm pretty pumped. The plans are super hush hush, so all I know is that my girls are picking me up at 11:30. I feel like I'm going on a secret mission. I've been told to have my overnight bag packed and to have a full stomach. I know there are dinner plans at 7pm that include the boys, but I don't know the location. Everything else is a surprise. Oh, except I do know that Katherine is flying in from LA for the occasion! I thought I'd be anxious about all the mystery, but so far I'm just excited. 30th birthdays are not to be messed with where the girls are concerned. I'm the baby of the group (unless you consult Katherine's facebook profile, in which case you might be fooled into thinking she's younger than me, but where I come from we call that a BIG FAT LIE! *I'm* the baby!), but everyone else's 30th birthdays have included a custom day of fun not to be forgotten. Truthfully, I'm most looking forward to just hanging out all together. With Kristin in Bellingham, Katherine in LA, and the rest of us busy all the time, it doesn't happen often enough.

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cranky rae said...

Um. I'm coming too.