Sunday, July 8, 2012

Orcas weekend

We spent last weekend on Orcas with Jeff's parents.  We would have more photos if it weren't for the fact that Jeff started the weekend 36 and ended the weekend 100 years old.  He has managed to mysteriously develop hip and knee pain (that moves from knee to knee and hip to hip depending on the day) and hasn't been able to move his neck since Saturday night.  In short, my husband is a hot mess. He's seen the doctor (twice) and a massage therapist and nothing so far seems to be making much progress.  Anyways, my point is just that half the weekend was a bit of a loss and we forgot to take photos.  It was still (as always) worth the trip though.
Jeff when he was still 36.

With Gramma Fifi on their way to the beach.

Collecting treasures.  She could (and did) do this for hours.

Whipping cream QC for our strawberry shortcake.
Attempting homemade tortillas with Grandma.

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