Thursday, July 5, 2012

Strawberry Picking

Last week, we went strawberry picking at a u-pick farm on the East Side.  We strapped an extra carseat into our neighbor's car, which made for 3 carseats across the back of the SUV.  Edie and Penny giggled and generally made a racket while gobbling down Annie's cheddar bunnies the entire drive there.  It was muddy from all the rain so I left the camera in the car while we picked, then tried to get it out afterwards for a few shots.  But we were all so muddy by that point that I stopped trying.  We did a cursory hose-down at the farm before climbing back into the car slightly less caked in mud for the drive home.  The girls polished off strawberries and pb&j's on route to our house, where it was decided that the girls needed a bath. BADLY. Edie and Penny decided that the bath was to be had together.  Some of the cutest of these photos are NSFTB (not suitable for the blog) due to adorable nude toddler rumps - but these are still pretty great shots.

I dressed my kid like a Punky Brewster ragamuffin because it was chilly and I knew she'd get covered in strawberries and mud.

Jam making.  Before it got super stressful:

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