Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I know everyone is complaining about this and I should be more original, but i'm just so. fed. up.  Seattle weather is so terrible this summer that I seriously have been contemplating taking a vacation to somewhere warm just to feel like we experienced summer.  I'm currently wearing jeans and a sweater in late July.  And the weather forecast is showing days and days of more mediocre, wishy washy weather to come.  Including Sunday, when I plan to throw a bridal shower in my back yard.  Which reminds me!  This happened to me last year too!   Indoor August bridal shower while torrential rain came down outside. Which is another thing - it has looked and felt like it was seconds away from raining for 3 days now, tricking me into waiting to water my plants because fate would have it that the second I waste water on that, it will start raining.  So now it'll be gloomy and I'll have dead plants.

I'd honestly rather be sweating it out on the east coast right now.

Dear pacific northwest,
[insert picture of my middle finger]
love never,

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Penny said...

I kind of agree with you Jill, but the night before last my brother and sister-in-law arrived in New York City and sent me a picture of them in Times Square at 11:30 pm, where the temperature was 99 degs.
Then yesterday they went to the Empire State Building which was struck by lightning a bazillion times while they were there! And don't get me started about the humidity...

LOL! Penny Blewett