Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Germ Pocket

Edie has taken to calling the inside of her elbow, her germ pocket - as in, "Cough or sneeze into your germ pocket please."  This is something she picked up from daycare.  She is meticulous about using her germ pocket to cough or sneeze, which is hilarious because Jeff has resisted the movement entirely and for years as been sneezing directly into his hand, which drives me bananas.  I've suggested multiple times that he transition to the less gross method of sneezing into your elbow, but he's not convinced.  But now I have Edie on my team. Just now, Jeff sneezed really loud downstairs while Edie was in bed sleeping (or so we thought).  A second later, we hear her shout downstairs from her bedroom, "Daaaaad! Did you sneeze into your GERM POCKET?!"


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Tib said...

one word: AWH-some.