Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Still not working

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, but sleep is still going terribly, terribly wrong since transitioning to the big bed and we are at a loss. We've tried EVERYTHING. Since transitioning Edie to her twin bed, she has started waking many, many times in the night and she isn't trying to be cute or funny. She seems legitimately freaked out and 95% of the time she doesn't even get out of the bed. She goes to bed happily at bedtime, but she wakes up crying most of the times (starting only 2-3 hours after falling asleep), and while frequently we only have to rub her back and sooth her back to sleep, many other times it takes 5-10 minutes of holding her and coaxing her back to the bed while she sobs and begs for random things like going downstairs, saying she's "all done here". We never took the crib down and we have tried asking if she'd rather sleep in her crib, but she insists she doesn't. That said, every now and again she DOES want to sleep in the crib. But on those nights, she will always wake a few hours later and ask to be tucked into her big girl bed. I feel like pulling my hair out!

The only thing I can guess at is that we are confusing her by keeping both the crib AND the new bed in her room? But then, should we take the twin bed down and try again in a few months or remove the crib and hope for the best? Or maybe she's coincidentally started having bad dreams at the same time as the transfer? She's also waking from her naps at daycare on occasion upset and crying, which is new and Jen feels pretty sure that it's a bad dream when it happens at daycare. We've tried having big long talks about the bed and we've tried not making a big deal about it, neither work. We have a nightlight and talked about how it would keep her safe at night. She bought it, but it hasn't helped. We haven't had a single good night in that bed since we set it up and I feel about at my wits end because I can't figure out a consistent way to handle it. If I thought she was just being dramatic, we could do some serious sleep training, but it doesn't seem like fakery to me. Except when it clearly is. But that's only 5% of the time it seems.

Aaand, to top it all off, she's supposed to sleep at Jeff's parent's house this weekend, and then my parents' house for a night and THEN she comes home on Monday night to spend 3 nights with just Jeff because I am going on a business trip. SCREWED. Hanyvays. Suggestions are welcome.


Betsey said...

When Emmi started having her excessive nightmares I spoke with a child counselor. He said that over 70% of children age 2 and older have nightmares. Their minds are even more active now and they may not be sharing out loud everything they are scared of. I feel like we spent around $100 this past month trying to help with that in our house - fire truck toys and books, and a new night light. Emmi informed me yesterday when she saw a fire truck driving down the road, "fire trucks help people, I'm not scared of fire trucks no more.". So, it was worth it. But the best purchase was the $30 night light from Target. It's a turtle (they make ladybugs too) that projects the night sky on to the walls and ceiling. It has a 45 minute timer and the stars can be blue, green or orange. When Emmi wakes up frightened from a nightmare I turn the turtle on and she's good to go 70% of the time. It's been a real lifesaver in our house. You might be on to something with the crib in the room too. Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Laura said...

I think the crib needs to come out of the room with a real decision to be just the big girl bed. I love the night light suggestion too. We had a similar thing for the girls when they were little but not as fancy. It will work out it's just a tough transition! xo

sandralbruton said...

I've heard some peoople are more sensitive to what direction their head is lying. Do you think it's possible her headboard needs to be moved?!

lindsey said...

I hope things are looking up by now. How did she do at grandma and grandpa's? I think maybe it might be good to take the crib out of her room. Maybe that will help her understand that the twin bed is her bed now and that there is no more crib. I think if the bad dreams continue I would check in with her doctor. My brother used to have terrible, horrible night terrors when he was a toddler. I hope Edie starts sleeping better soon. Poor thing! And poor you!