Thursday, January 19, 2012

20 Things we have done while snowed in this week

Include, but are not limited to:

1. Watching Pinnochio
2. Making brownies
3. Making birthday cards for Uncle Javi and Uncle Scott using stickers, stamps and markers
4. Building a snowman with neighbors/friends
5. Strapping Edie to my back using the old Ergo carrier and walking to various neighborhood locations to buy milk, rent videos, etc...
6. Suffering from sciatica from #5
7. Walking to nearby coffee shop for hot chocolate with whipped cream AND marshmallows
8. Watching Tinkerbell And The Great Fairy Rescue (x2)
9. Reading Curious George books until I can recite them from memory
10. Putting Edie down for her nap 5 bajillion times every day and listening to her little feet pitter patter on the floor as she climbs out of her twin bed to run to the door and call for me. (x eleventy billion)
11. Watching Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure (x2)
12. Dying macaroni noodles different colors using rubbing alcohol and food dye (currently drying, to be strung into necklaces tomorrow)
13. Whining incessantly once 5:30pm hits = direct result of not napping earlier in the day
14. Taking long, hot, late morning showers (Edie hearts showers SO much)
15. Eating lots of soup with bread and cheese for lunch
16. Making pancakes for dinner
17. Borrowing our neighbor's sled and pulling Edie to the video store and back to rent MORE Disney films
18. Post-pancake sledding, in which Jeff sent Edie hurtling down the hill in our neighborhood park by herself. She loved it. I squealed with terror.
19. Watching half of Tangled. And I didn't hate it (please don't hate me for this)
20. Climbing (self) and wrestling (Edie) in and out of elaborate snow gear no less than 20 times


Sarah said...

Ergo carrier at her age? Yikes! You must have been desperate.

lindsey said...

The snow was insane. Good riddance!