Monday, January 9, 2012

This and That

Edie and I were eating dinner tonight before Jeff got home from work and she said to me (very earnestly), "Thanks for making a tasty dinner Mom."

Full disclosure - Jeff frequently says this to me when we all three sit down to dinner, so she didn't craft this sentence on her own, but she decided to say it to me without any prompting and it cracked me up.

And also? Edie has taken to calling Jeff by his given name instead of Dad. ALL OF THE TIME. It's either "Jeff" (made into two syllables like his Grandma used to do) or "Jeffrey". Apparently I'm going to have to start being one of those Moms that calls their husband "Dad". The other day when Jeff came home, she looked up from playing to say very casually, "Oh! Hi Jeff." and then went back to her toy.

Lastly, for those who are curious - potty training is going really well still. Right after I wrote here about her first day at daycare going smoothly, she had a rough start the very next day. On Wednesday, she had a major tantrum right as I was dropping her off (regarding her magic wand - cue eye roll). I had to leave her screaming bloody murder because I was late for a meeting and I knew that Jen would have an easier time snapping her out of it if I was gone. Apparently she peed her pants 3 times within an hour of me leaving that morning. Jen is confident it was an effort to prove she was in charge of something, because she was fine the rest of the day. She also hasn't had an accident since then. Which means it's been 5 days of smooth sailing and public bathroom scouting. I'm discovering bathrooms in places I never knew existed! And it's soooooo fun.

But seriously, things are great. Edie no longer requires any reminding at all to use the bathroom, she runs to the bathroom, pulls her own pants down, does her business and wipes what we're calling her "front" (because I'm apparently 12 and not comfortable hearing the medical term for her "front" 15 times per day) all by herself. I haven't had to clean a poopy diaper in WEEKS, she's napping in her underpants and waking dry and typically only peeing once all night in her diaper. It feels like I pulled a fast one - it was so much easier than I'd imagined!

I'm sure karma will level the playing field when it comes to big girl bed time. I've been surfing Craigslist for days, trying to find an interesting twin bed option and having fun envisioning rearranging her bedroom - getting rid of the diaper genie, the changing pad, etc... Reality will probably find me locking her door at bedtime and her throwing herself against it to get out 4 times a night. So any jealous mothers reading this need not worry - I'll get mine.

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lindsey said...

You make me laugh so much. "Her front". Hilarious.