Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Potty Training recap

Edie had her first day of daycare today since potty training. I assumed things would be too exciting for her to avoid at least one accident (especially when I learned this morning that Jen had a brand new, gigantic twisty slide in her backyard installed over the holidays) and therefore wasn't surprised when I picked her up to see she was wearing her back-up pants. But Jen quickly informed me that she was only wearing her back-up pants because she'd gotten her other pants wet while playing with the water table! So proud.

Edie spent the weekend with my parents while Jeff and I had a fantastic weekend in Portland for his birthday. She had a few accidents over the weekend, so I was a little (overly) worried that we might have taken a step back in the potty training department. But she hasn't had any accidents since we came back on Sunday evening.

I have constant reminders of how grown up she is when I notice how tiny her rump looks in pants, when I pick her up and feel her butt instead of a big diaper, and when I need to do laundry even more often to make sure she has 2-3 pairs of big girl underwear clean each day, JIC. Her quick adaptation to potty training is making me think about graduating Edie to a twin bed. I had planned to delay this decision a bit longer, but am now finding myself trawling Craigslist each night for a cute twin bed frame.


Betsey said...

Do it! We moved Emmi up to a bed in October. She loves it and it was way easier than we expected!

lindsey said...

Why are our girls growing up SO DARN FAST?? Marina joined the big girl bed ranks after our move here (so, about two weeks ago) and is doing well. We had a phase where she thought it was awesome to get out of bed and come "find" me but now she understands that it is "very important to stay in bed". :)