Saturday, January 14, 2012

There's an animal loose in the house tonight

This day marks Edie's first night in a twin bed. We bought her big girl bed off Craig's List earlier this week, then purchased the mattress and "bunky board" (a board that you use instead of a box spring so the mattress is low to the ground for little ones) today. On a whim, we put it all together this afternoon and you wouldn't believe Edie's excitement. For a while all we had up was the headboard and side slats and Edie climbed inside the frame of the bed, laid on the floor with her pillow and "tucked" herself in with the area rug, using it like a blanket.

We haven't disassembled the crib and removed it yet, so if things go terribly, we may need to revert back. I'm not going to lie, I felt VERY nervous leaving her loose in a giant twin bed after turning the lights off tonight. She hasn't ever tried to climb out of her crib, but lugging her in and out of that super low crib is starting to wear on my back. And after a few nights in a pack n play over the holidays, I realized she's just getting too big to sleep in a pack n play while traveling. And if she can sleep in a big girl bed at my parents' house (which she did over New Years), then why not just make the change here too. I mentioned the idea to Jen at daycare and she said she thought Edie would do great in a real bed. Then I got all excited about a mini room makeover and that sealed the deal.

We put the tension rod baby gate up in her room tonight, which we haven't used in over a year probably, but otherwise she's totally on the prowl in her room. It feels a little like a hyena is loose in my house. But her room looks SO CUTE. It's not even arranged the way we want (because of the crib) but it looks so grown up. And reading her bed time story while sitting on her bed with her? LOVED.

She seems to have sung herself to sleep without getting out of bed, but part of me suspects she could be sleeping on the floor, or trying to climb back into her crib. Or pulling all the books off her shelf. Or rocking like a maniac in the rocking chair while standing up and wrapping a cord around her neck that I didn't spot. The possibilities are endless! Cross your fingers please.


Susan said...

Scary, isn't it? Andrew is in his big boy bed for the first time tonight too!! He was pretty excited about it, but when I tucked him in he said "I don't like big boy bed - I scared"...poor kiddo! I think we had made him nervous that he might fall out because there's no rails anymore, but it's a low to the ground, full size bed so I'm sure he'll be fine! He crashed pretty fast - will be interesting to see if he gets out on his own in the morning, or still waits in his bed for us to get him out! Hope Edie does great!

sandralbruton said...

Yes, reading a bedtime story with her in her bed sounds so sweet.

Laura said...

I look forward to photos of Edie in her new bed !

lindsey said...

Pictures of her new room, please!