Monday, November 21, 2011

Kerry and Terry

Edie has amped up her "creative play" in the last few weeks and it's SO EFFING FUNNY. Her favorite game right now?

She needs me to wrap her green blanket around her waist like an apron and tie it in the back and then she goes to the pet store (i.e.: the kitchen) to buy tickets for me. She invented this entire concept and I have no idea how she even learned what a pet shop was.

She'll say things like, "Mom? Please tie my blanket on, I go to the pet store for you?" After she's sufficiently "dressed" for the pet store, she will march into the kitchen and say to herself "Tickets please" like she's purchasing tickets from someone. Then she'll come out to me on the couch holding imaginary tickets and hand them to me. Last night I asked her if I could turn my tickets in for a pet at the pet store and she said, "Yes, I will buy you a mouse." She then marched back into the kitchen, returning with said mouse that she carefully handed to me. I asked her the mouse's name and she thought hard, finally deciding it was Terry. When I asked for a mouse friend for Terry, she proceeded to bring me Kerry.

Later in the night she asked me to "Please turn your tickets in Mom?" So I handed her my (invisible) tickets. She took them and then looked at me with disdain and said, "That's only ONE ticket Mom." as if to say, 'I know you're holding out on me - where are all the other tickets I brought you?"

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lindsey said...

That girl makes me smile. This is a very familiar scenario here in our home too. I am adoring this imaginative stage they are in right now!