Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Haircut

Edie rocked her first haircut like a pro. As fate would have it, we happened to be along for the ride when her friend Chloe got her first real haircut a few months ago, so when I told her she was going to get her haircut, she said, "Uh huh, like Chloe!"

We went to Beachcombers - a kids only place in the Greenwood Phinny neighborhood. We brought Minnie Mouse, because Minnie goes EVERYWHERE these days and together they watched a children's DVD (genius) while riding a giant tortoise. With all the cool stuff around, she was thrilled with the entire experience. They had a "first haircut" package and we took home a lock of her hair carefully tacked to a cute little card with the date. The haircut isn't as dramatic as I'd originally intended, and to be honest, while I loved Jennifer, who cut her hair, I didn't love the blow dried, "fancy" do that she left with (although the glitter spray was kind of cute - Edie exclaimed, "Mom! I'm like a fairy!". When we got home, I promptly wet it and had a less poofy, do over. The haircut itself is adorable, and I think next time we may go even a bit shorter. Edie rocks a bob with her little moon-face.

Her long, "before" locks (a little mullety)"


lindsey said...

Oh my goodness! She is so focused and serious and adorable. I love her haircut but mostly I just love that huge, happy smile she always sports. You have such a completely awesome kid!

P.S. Edie's Minnie should meet Marina's Mickey. I think they would really hit it off.

Betsey said...

These pictures are adorable! Edie's smile in the last one is just too much! Great haircut!