Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Time

Edie is psyched for "Christmas Time" and is loving loving loving all the lights going up in the neighborhood. Jeff is prepping this very moment for light installation on our porch and it's possible Edie's mind might get blown. I have plans to go big for Christmas this year - decor, traditions, early tree shopping, lights, baked goods... the whole nine yards.

We'll see how much actually gets done.

Our friend's son rallied over the weekend and was well enough to receive a much needed surgery this afternoon (that he was previously not well enough to qualify for). His recovery looks decidedly rocky, so please do keep your positive thoughts headed his way. I received many thoughtful emails from friends and family after my Thanksgiving post - I really think there's something to the power of positive thinking and prayer, be it by strangers or not. The wider we can throw the net, the better, right?


lindsey said...

Happy about the good news and hope the surgery goes well. Thanks for the update.

Betsey said...

I hope all is going well post surgery! I've been keeping him in my thoughts.