Monday, November 28, 2011

Edie+Halloween=True Love

I wrote this post a day or two after Halloween put was waiting to add photo... then we waited a month to upload photos and I completely forgot about this post. SO, a very late post about Edie Trick or Treating:

There really aren't very many words I can use that capture the love Edie had for Trick or Treating. And we're almost certain it had nothing to do with the candy. She was just SO PUMPED to run from house to house, yell "trick or treat!", exclaim "FANK YOU!" and then run down the stairs to show me or Jeff her loot bucket. Sometimes she was so excited she'd yell thank you at the door before anyone even opened it.

Our neighborhood was packed to the gills with traditional trick or treaters - parental escorts (many dressed up themselves), adorable little kids and a surprisingly high number of polite pre-teens in actual costumes. One house had a little fire pit in their front yard on the corner and collected an impromptu party of kids and parents interested in warming themselves up before heading out for another round, another had flashing lights, and one street had a smoke machine running on the parking strip between the sidewalk and street. It felt very nostalgic and it made me grateful for our neighborhood.

We thought we'd just hit up a few key neighbors, but Edie had stamina and had no intention of stopping after 3 houses. Before we knew it, it had been over an hour, we were 3 blocks from home and Edie wasn't fading. That night was one of my biggest highlights so far as a parent. Edie was SO cute and kept saying the most hilarious stuff.

Me: "Do you like trick or treating?"
Edie: "YES I do. I love this." (said while running away from us, up another walk-way)

Jeff and I both went with Edie, and somehow I managed to only take mediocre photos of the event. That said, they're still worth posting for posterity's sake.

Preparing to go out:

SO excited. This is towards the end of the night and her nose had turned red from the cold by then.
Disrobing down to her skeleton pj's post-trick or treat and enjoying a lollipop before bed.


lindsey said...

Just when I think I could not possibly adore this child more...

heidio said...

Her silly smile pirate face is killin' me.

Betsey said...

I think Edie just hit a whole new level of cute! I mean, she was cute before, but her nose seems a bit more buttony and her smile is even sweeter!