Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday, September I Don't Know What

We've switched our schedule around so that Jeff can get some actual work done which means I'm almost a full time Mom solo-style - hence the shorter, less thoughtful post.

Conversations over the last 24 hours:

Me: This fucking Boppy is too big for me to use on the couch!
Jeff: Hm
Me: At what point do you think I should stop swearing in front of our child?
Jeff: Probably right before she starts repeating it back to you.
Me: So I've got a little longer?

In which I catch Jeff rubbing Edie's belly in a very weird, light, but vigorous fashion while she stares at him confusedly
Me: What are you doing??
Jeff: I figure if I can't get her to be happy, I'll can at least keep her confused until she figures out how to be better behaved.

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Mandy Buchan said...

you know I love love love Jeff/Jill conversations captured in your blog. Thank you.