Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photo Catch-UP

A few photos from the past couple of days, including Edie's first walk in her stroller (we just walked around the neighborhood). We have a much more adorable stroller (thanks Lindsey for the hook up!) but for now, we're using this cheapy version that's super lightweight and allows us to have her facing us. We figure once she's a little older, we'll move to the trendy three-wheeler.

We had a bit of a rough night last night as Edie decided to mix it up. She's usually a great sleeper and falls back asleep almost immediately following each feeding so we get three 2.5-3 hour chunks of sleep per night. But last night we were up from 4-6:30am trying to get her to settle down. She wasn't hysterical, but she got the hiccups for 30 minutes and then was fussy every time I'd set her down. That coupled with my inability to get her to use the fancy new breast feeding device with the ease that the lactation expert was, was pretty exhausting. I woke with a new sense of peace at the idea that breast feeding may just not work. Your supportive comments actually really helped too. Today, I decided to give myself a break and have pumped instead of putting her to the breast. The pumping is significantly less painful, and at least then I can still offer her my paltry supply through a bottle before topping her off with formula. The directions on the Funagreek I'm taking to supposedly increase my supply say that it's working when you start to smell like maple syrup. Well, I am like a walking stack of pancakes right now but the supply has not increased one iota. I'll keep it up for another week or so, but after that, I make no promises.


Lindsey said...

Happy to hear you awoke with peace about the whole feeding sitch. I think it is a great idea to say you will try for another X amount of days and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. No problem, moving on. Edie loves her Boppy, doesn't she?! And Jill, you look fantastic! It must be so wonderful to have your body back. I must confess to being a little tired of sharing at this point. Have a great day!

Mandy Buchan said...

ugh...Jill....Edie is far too cute and your blog is adorable. Please stop sending communications directly to my ovaries.

As far as the breastfeeding goes I think that when I first learned that breastfeeding was hard I thought "WHAT?!? no one tells you that...WTF? Why would they make it hard?" I mean, I get that labor can't be easy breazy but couldn't we get a pass on the whole boob=milk without pain thing? Every friend of mine who has kids has had their trials with breastfeeding, some that eventually worked out and others that didn't. You guys are going to be such amazing parents (or I suppose you already ARE) that I know little Edie is going to get what she needs, boob or no boob!

Mary Anne said...

I second Mandy's entire comment.