Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The mullet:

And just to be fair to Edie, a more flattering photo of her doing her favorite thing:

We had our first date night since Edie was born tonight. Jeff's aunt and uncle who live in Seattle suggested that they take her for an hour or two so that we could get out and we thought that would be a nice way to celebrate having survived the first month without dropping or starving our daughter. We suited her up and she slept peacefully the entire 30 minute drive to Madison Park (rush hour). I kept thinking, "This is time that she could be napping while at Ted and Carolyn's house!" After reviewing the bottle and diaper situation, we practically jogged for Cactus, the nearby restaurant of choice for date night. It felt SO odd to both be out and know that Edie was with someone else. Truthfully I was more worried about her flipping out and stressing T&C out than I was about them not taking good care of her. We enjoyed a glass of wine each and had a nice dinner with plenty of adult conversation (much of it not even about Edie). It was different from the short solo outings I've had where I leave E with Jeff, this felt like a much bigger deal and by the time it was over I was embarrassingly desperate to see her again. We walked back in the door and she was still sleeping in her car seat! All that worry for nothing as she apparently behaved beautifully. Of course as I type this, she's fussing with Jeff downstairs, so I guess it's all a trade off. I got to have a lovely dinner out, but will likely have a crap night tonight. Oh well, at least I have First Weeks to commiserate with other tired Moms tomorrow. Truthfully though, Edie's sleep schedule has gotten better, or at least slightly more predictable this last week. I'm not sure if it's coincidence or not, but we started giving her Gripe Water around 8pm each night and her night time fussiness has definitely decreased and getting her to sleep is much less of a production.

Alright, off to relieve Jeff and take my shift with the exercise ball.


Mandy Buchan said...

First I read that last line as "take my shirt of with the exercise ball". But my real reason for posting is to ask what the heck Gripe Water is?!? Can I have some when I'm feeling moody?

Lindsey said...

What's gripe water? I think we need some. Marina's sleep schedule - as thus mine - is completely eratic. But she's so darn cute that I don't even mind the fact that I didn't sleep last night.

Kathleen said...

Now you need to plan a visit up to Bellingham so that Auntie Kathleen can have Edie for an hour! :)
So glad that you guys got some super-well deserved time to yourselves. And I love the mullet.