Sunday, September 6, 2009

A few updates

Just thought I'd check in for a moment while Edie stares fixedly at the skylight and Jeff runs to the store to buy embarrassing things like maxi pads and prune juice. Have I mentioned that he's the best?

Anyways, in no particular order, a few updates:

Edie had her first pediatrician appointment last week and all went well. We had a major scare at the start when they weighed her and said she'd lost 2 pounds. Then they left us to wait for the doctor for 30 minutes with that news. I commenced to freak out. Of course the doctor came into the room and acted all jovial, but I cut to the chase. He looked startled and said, "Oh, didn't they come back in and tell you? It turns out our scale is broken!" She had, however dropped one pound, but the doctor didn't seem alarmed. My milk supply has stubbornly refused to come in and the day before our appointment I had just started supplementing with formula to make sure she was getting enough food. Nothing indicated that she was dehydrated or hungry, and with the formula being added to our nursing routine, I'm assuming slash hoping that the weight will pick right back up. Otherwise, she was declared a very healthy baby. We go back on Wednesday for another check up so we'll see what her weight is at that point. My hope is that she'll at least be back up to her birth weight, which is pretty standard.

So far being parents is truly fantastic. I think we both imagined being stressed and angry with each other (perhaps this doesn't come until later, but we expected it right away), but Jeff even declared last night that this is really fun so far. Edie is a great sleeper so far (knocking on wood) and really only cries when she's hungry, which is easy to fix. We get at least two 3-hour chunks of sleep per night between feedings and since I tend to do all the work at night (being the food source), Jeff does all the daytime diaper changes and takes her for a chunk of the afternoon so I can get a good nap in. We feel so lucky that her temperament so far is more like her Father's than mine (aside from the crying when hungry part of course- that's all me).

She loves the football hold and Jeff does it best. When I'm trying to get my boob and boppy ready, he flips her on the side for the footy hold and it's like a switch flips in Edie and she's instantly silent. My arms aren't quite long enough to perfect this move so Jeff has turned out to be the baby-whisperer.
She loves her hands, but we're pretty sure she doesn't realize they're her hands yet. She's always sucking on them and pressing them to her face and since we still haven't gathered the courage to clip her nails, we put mittens on her sometimes and then giggle uncontrollably as she smacks herself n the face with them.
Jeff accidentally discovered that when he's changing Edie's diaper and he strokes the backs of her legs while lifting her rump up a bit, she pees. Even if she's just peed, she'll do it again. It's hilarious (and saves us a diaper change later!). Particularly hilarious was when Jeff was doing this move this morning and she peed all over, missing her diaper altogether. Jeff's response? "Hmm. Edie, I guess we'll just have to keep working on that party trick."

After a week, Edie also seems to have kicked her dependency on being tightly swaddled 24/7, in fact we're worried now that she's getting a bit cocky:


Lindsey said...

I swear I could look at pictures of Edie all day.

Kathleen Culver said...

Cutest rump in all of Seattle.

Tib said...

Your very cute baby, and excellent writing give me the giggles! Thank you.

Betsey said...

I love the laid back, arms behind the head photos. Is it possible to overload on the word cute here? I don't think so.

Katie Ann Brooks said...

She is adorable! I love the pee trick, hope to see it, as long as she pees on Jeff and not me. :)