Sunday, December 4, 2011


Edie is on her second round of antibiotics in under 2 months. I am profoundly bored with her cold.

It started with a round of daycare coughing fits and ended (or so we thought) 2 weeks later with a sleepless night caused by the predictable ear infection. One round of Amoxacillin later I thought we were in the clear. But oddly, while sleep returned, her cold persisted. Everyone at daycare mended but I was still donating boxes of Kleenex to Jen's house as an apology for the amount of nose wiping she was doing for my kid. We had a weekend of relative health over Thanksgiving, but then the cold to end all colds rallied for one last fight and as of Friday I'm fairly certain we're dealing with a repeat of last year's chest infection. Swampy cough + another hellish night = Round 2 of antibiotics. This time we're rocking the fruit flavored Augmentin. Fun! Thankfully, Edie's spirits are unaffected by the germs, sleep is back (except for the occasions when she decides she's "all done sleeping"and feels it important to tell me so) and in the short three days we've been on the Augmentin her nose is decidedly less disgusting so I'm hopeful more healing will occur in the night.

On a more serious note:
For those who have asked, I thought I'd share the good news that baby Hank is improving little by little. Things are looking positive as he seems to be recovering well from the surgery. We're told that they are beginning the long, slow process of weaning him from all the machinery currently helping him breath, eat and generally keep fighting. The particular (rare) condition he suffers from gave him only a 50% survival rate, so he's already shattered so many of the statistics. Thanks to all who passed on messages and are keeping him in your thoughts - I really think it makes a difference.

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sandralbruton said...

Absolutely prayers and good thoughts help! I look forward to seeing photos of this boy eating too much candy at the holidays next year; it is just a wonderful story to share with us. Thank you.