Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quote of the day

If I had the time and memory to do it, I'd start a daily post called Quote of the Day. Because Edie is very funny these days.

While changing a dirty diaper and talking about potty training (which we are going to tackle the week after Christmas when daycare closes) I said, "Yes, after Christmas you're only going to poop in the potty."
Edie: "Mmmhmm. Like a big kid."
Me: "Yes, like a big kid."
Edie: "Mom, you poop on the big toilet?"
Me: "Yes, because I'm a big kid and that's what they do."
Edie: "No, yours not a big kid Mom."
Me: "What am I then?"
Edie" Yours a Big Mom."

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Anonymous said...

snicker laugh, she's funny!