Thursday, December 15, 2011

1st World Problems

I ordered what I thought were going to be fancy pants Christmas cards from Pinhole Press but am cursing Joanna Goddard for all her sales pitches because they came today and are very disappointing. I'm especially disappointed because this is the first time EVER that we are sending Christmas cards out, despite having lived together for 12 years, been married for over 7 and a family of 3 for over 2 of those years. I had (perhaps too) high expectations. They arrived this afternoon and are at least 3 shades darker than the actual photos we submitted, so dark in fact that they look like they were taken at night instead of midday. The color contrast is all muted and print quality seems really mediocre for the price we paid. And possibly in unspoken compensation, they sent us like 20 more than we ordered? Which I guess is nice? Except giving someone twice as many crappy Christmas cards doesn't really=half as many NICE cards.

Also? I ordered a Christmas present online (not from pinhole press) for a family member and it arrived today looking a totally different color than I expected.

Sigh. Why does my life have to be so hard?


lindsey said...

Bummer. I'm sorry. I heard someone raving about Pinhole lately...was it NieNie? That girl is turning in to a bit too much of a constant sales pitch for the likes of me. But I digress. I'm sorry the cards didn't turn out. Perhaps you should return them? Either way, I am totally excited to receive one!

Betsey said...

I'm sorry to hear this, Jill. I ordered one of Emmi's gifts online and received it yesterday. One thing was broken and the rest of the order was wrong. Customer service was incredibly rude and suggested I was lying. They wouldn't do anything about it until I took photos as proof. Yeah, because I want things to be wrong the week before Christmas and spend 1 hour of my evening dealing with this. However, Christmas card mishaps would really be worse.

And a side note - Nie is kinda getting on my nerves these days. That's all I'll say!

sandralbruton said...

You think you have it bad in the 1st World...lately it takes 2 buttons being pushed to turn off our TV all the way, not just 1.