Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Potty Training Bootcamp Day #1

So, I write this with a mix of confusion, pride and hesitancy but our first day of potty training equaled ZERO accidents from Edie.

At the start of the day, I took her diaper off and she spent the entire day with a bare rump (combined with socks=HOT LOOK). We made a sticker chart and drank lots of fluids and ate popsicles to increase the opportunities for success. I'd have to head into the kitchen for an exact count, but I think she peed in the toilet attachment (that sits on top of our regular toilet) or her potty chair about 9 times, pooping once (just cringed while typing that word - officially a mommy blogger). I could tell she needed to poop after lunch and that was the only time she asked me for a diaper, but I held strong and talked her into heading back to the potty for a try and she eventually, out of desperation I think, sat and pooped. She was very proud and entitled afterwards though, so I think it was worth the struggle. She wore a diaper for nap time, and when she woke after 2 hours, she had peed once in her nap diaper while sleeping. She peed once before bed in the potty and is obviously sleeping in a diaper, which I assume will be the case for some time (she drinks water in the night (we keep a straw cup of water in her crib). We'll see I guess.

Anyways, it seems a bit too good to be true that we had such a cinchy day. Tomorrow I plan to have her in big girl underwear all day instead of completely nude from the waist down, so perhaps that's when we'll have an accident (or two, or three).

Wish us luck. And to those non-parents out there, I promise that further updates will not include updates on my child's BMs, just a success vs failure rate for the day.

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Laura said...

This brought back memories....
Good job you 2 !!!