Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Potty Training Bootcamp Day #2

Today was objectively speaking a success, but personally I found it confusing. Things started a little rocky with Edie not showing an interest in sitting on the potty. I had to push the issue more than I thought I would, but she did use the potty seat successfully (if less frequently than yesterday). She wore underwear today and around midday tried to do her hiding-in-the-curtain-pooping-routine. I wasn't paying close attention until she said from behind the curtain, "Mamma, you leave me alone for a minute now?" at which point I panicked and raced her to the bathroom (thankfully in time for a successful donation to the toilet gods). She wore a diaper to nap, but was PISSED when I removed it upon waking. I mean PISSED. I almost caved and put it back on her, and in hindsight I maybe should have waited a few more minutes for her to fully wake up before pantsing my kid.

At that point, I started to worry that it was only working because I was doing so much reminding and asking. I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped the frequent bathroom reminders and sure enough, about an hour later, I saw her RACE to the bathroom, pull soaking wet underwear off and try to sit on the potty chair in time for one last drop to make it in. I felt discouraged, but relieved too. After her accident, she really wanted to show me where some of the pee had dripped on the floor so I could clean it up. She said in a really grossed out voice, "The pee ran down my leg Mom." I had to stifle a giggle and say very seriously, "Hmm, did you like that, or not?" and she replied, "Not, Mom, not." I think she kind of needed that accident to remind her that ultimately, she needs to stay more in tune with her body. After that she didn't seem to mind my reminders as much.

I felt nervous because we had long standing plans to have dinner on Mercer Island with Jeff's business partner and his family tonight, but we decided to just go for it. I briefly toyed with slapping a diaper on to be safe, but she wanted to wear her underwear, so we left immediately after a bathroom trip and put a towel down under her rump in the carseat. She made it all the way there and peed in their toilet 3 different times, happily going with me to the bathroom each time I suggested it. We stayed much later than anticipated, so we ended up having a 3.5 hour outing - totally diaper free. I must say it felt really great; definitely a glimpse into the future. She even made it all the way home before we put her diaper on with pjs for bed.


sandralbruton said...

That sounds to me like a sweet successful day!

Betsey said...

Way to go Edie! Sounds like she's going to take to it well! The outing is a huge success! Whoop Whoop!