Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Merry

Belated happy holidays to all of you. We had a great (and busy) double Christmas in Bellingham, first with my family and then with Jeff's. We got back last night, tucked Edie in her crib, unpacked all our lovely gifts (at least all the ones we could fit in our car - there's a whole other load waiting back at the Culver house for us to pick up next week - time for a bigger car?!) and slept in our own bed for the first time since Thursday.

Edie slept until 8am this morning and since daycare is closed this week, we are POTTY TRAINING. It's 8:39 and we are one for one but the day is verrrrrry young. Currently watching Cat in the Hat while sitting on the potty (Edie, not me). Wish us luck!

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