Saturday, October 1, 2011

Redondo Beach

Jeff had this idea a few weeks back when it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon that we should drive to DeMoines where he read that there was a cool boardwalk on the beach.

We might have gotten a little bit "lost" trying to find the boardwalk.

I have to put quotes around 'lost' because otherwise Jeff will challenge my use of the word. How we define "lost" is a battle that has been raging for over 15 years and shows no sign of slowing. Because while I like to throw the word around liberally, insisting for example that if we are not where we want to be and don't fully understand how to find the place we want to be, that this = LOST. Jeff disagrees. He says lost is not knowing where you are, and driving around for hours in a quasi-familiar neighborhood trying to find your desired destination is therefore NOT lost. Because he knows where he IS, it is just not where he wants to be. Sigh.

But eventually I owed Jeff a dollar because he found the mythical boardwalk. (While driving around "scenic" Des Moines I finally offered Jeff my last dollar, saying "I will give you all the money I have if you find us the beautiful boardwalk you spoke of.") And it was worth my dollar because it was *such* a pretty sunset. And Salty's makes some really good fish and chips.
One of my new favorites.
This is the face Edie makes when she's "smelling" flowers.

Yes, that's an ice cream sandwich in her hand. I'm not above bribing my child so as not to ruin my lovely evening. Prior to this saintly sandwich I was struggling to get more than one bite of my dinner in before chasing Edie into the fine dining section of Salty's where she was intent on charming a table of grandparently peoples. They even offered her some of their bread. It took her like 20 minutes to eat the equivalent of 3 bites of ice cream sandwich, so absorbed was she in her splendid luck. Throwing away the remaining $2.75 of this melty, overpriced treat? Worth it.


lindsey said...

Fun! I'll have to add this to my list of things to do in WA.

Tib said...

So when I first read this (probably had not had enough coffee yet - you post at night, I read first thing in the morning) I was thinking to myself - why on earth would they drive all the way to Iowa. Thankfully by the end I figured it out. Although if you did drive all the way to Iowa, I would drive and meet you. :)